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  • Hello!

    Currently we are recruiting for the game Star Citizen. We play various games together, however, at this time we are only operating as a Unit in SC. As we begin growing once again, we may establish a presence in multiple games. Generally we've primarily focused on MechWarrior Online and previous iterations and just played games together, but competitively MW4 / MWO were our primary source.

    So if you are interested in helping us regrow the brand and join something that has historical evidence of being above the rest, come hang out and see what we're all about.

    We believe in camaraderie, friendship, and fun above all else with a "Win at all cost" (no cheating) attitude, and have many who've been friends for more than 10+ years since meeting online! We've even had members marry another and grew as a family! Though we've had mountains of success over the years, we are not without our bumps along the way. We are currently coming back from a 4 year cease of operations for various reasons, but believe we will come back stronger than before!

    What we need are the following:

    *Create a New Post titled with your Callsign i.e. - Application BlueFalcon*

    -Geographical Region:
    -Games Interested In:
    -A brief introduction about yourself:

    We are an 18+ age requirement Unit, and require you to at least have a pair of speakers or headphones (microphone preferred but not required) in order to converse with us on our Discord Server, and a willing to learn and participate attitude. We do not have any time restrictions or requirements, but being somewhat active helps with cohesion and training.

    Thank you for your interest, and hopefully we will see you soon!

    OnLashoc aka "Onnie"

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